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Bungee Fit classes in Wolverhampton

Lessons cost just £10! | Private lessons available

Is this your first Bungee Fit class? Are you not sure what to expect? You are not alone. Bungee Fit is a very new fitness program, and Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit runs the very first Bungee Fit classes in Wolverhampton. If you hadn't noticed from the images here, Bungee Fit is not like bungee jumping, and there is virtually no danger to yourself, as long as you heed the health and safety advice at the beginning, and exercise sensibly.








Private sessions are available (birthdays, parties, work events, families, friends, etc. For groups of up to ten people. Groups of over eleven can also be accommodated with additional time or taking turns. For pricing and more info contact njbungeefitcustomerservices@gmail.com

Current class times

  • Class length is 1 hr long. Be sure to show up on time or you will be unable to join. DO NOT show up before the allocated class time due to the safety of setting up the bungees.  What to expect  



  • 5.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Beginners Bungee
  • Improver Bungee
  • Bungee Bootcamp
  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training
  • Private Bungee Fit
  • Bungee Bootcamp



  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training
  • Bungee Bootcamp
  • Beginners Bungee
  • Improver Bungee
  • Private Bungee Fit

Not every day is the same, with a mix of Beginners Bungee, Improver Bungee, and BRAND NEW BOOTCAMP CLASSES!



Want us to host a class at a different time? 

We are polling about when to host new classes for Bungee Fiit in Wolverhampton. If you would prefer a class at a different time or day, fill in the form here.


Beginner's Bungee Fit classes in Wolverhampton

Bungee Fit classes in Wolverhampton with Nikkie Jay.

The beginner's classes will allow you to gain a feel for the bungee rope, how it bounces, and how to do mild exercises that the bungee cord assists with. You'll learn how to jump. How to lean into the cord so it supports your weight progressively, and if you're feeling ambitious, you can try a few spins and swoops. And yes, with the aid of the bungee cord, you can actually fly!

What to bring to Bungee Fit classes in Wolverhampton?

Bring yourself, a positive attitude, a sweat towel if necessary, a drink, and grip gloves. We recommend that you wear long leggings, and a top that covers the midsection. We highly recommend that you bring some padded cycling shorts to wear over the top of the leggings as added protection, or anything with soft material that will help cushion any impacts.

What to expect at Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit

Rigging up

I will show you how to rig up, and check everyone is safely strapped in before lift-off
Pre-class announcements and health and safety – It is very important that we do this aspect every week, and please don't be late to the class, because if you miss this part you can't join in!

Please do not show up before the stated class time as the equipment will be in the process of being set up,

Warm up

We'll slowly gain a feel for the elasticity of the bungee cord, and perform some gentle stretches and moves to start.

The main class

I'll talk you through a range of routines and exercises designed to put you through your paces. Don't worry, there will be water breaks and rests at regular intervals.

Videos and pictures

These are completely optional of course, but many of our flyers are very proud of their achievements in the class, and rightly so!

Cool down

Stretching and gentle movements to cool down, followed by resting and releasing you from the harness at the end. 

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Do you have any questions about Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton? Contact me to learn more, or for booking assistance.

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1. Increased oxygenation

2. Improved fitness level and stamina

3. Improved heart function

4. Decreased arterial plaque

5. Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

6. Decreased body fat percentage

7. Improved immune function

8. Improved lung capacity and respiratory function

9. Decreased stress levels and increased alertness




Keeping fit and having fun!

The idea of Bungee Fit is to support your weight, and enable you to perform exercises with the right amount of resistance and support to improve your strength and agility and give you a great workout. Exercising on an elastic bungee cord is also great fun, and it gives you much more scope to try all kinds of different stretches and exercises, you might not have attempted before.

Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton



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You can find my studio located at the end of Wood Street on the left (red brick building with blue windows and doors). There is parking along the street on the right hand side. The closest bus stop is located on Park Lane outside Park Village (No,2 bus).

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