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Welcome to Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit, a brand new class for Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton. My Bungee Fitness classes are open to anyone wanting to give it a try. This fun aerobic workout reduces the stress on your joints by supporting your bodyweight, and is suitable for all ranges of fitness and ability. All you need is a fun outlook and a positive attitude!

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Come and join the Bungee Fit Community!

This community is the first Bungee Fit class in the West Midlands, and we are looking to encourage as many people as possible to take up this invigorating and accessible exercise. Everyone is welcome to Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton, and whatever your fitness level, you will find this form of exercise enjoyable, relaxing, and fun.

What is Aerial Bungee?

Aerial Bungee is a workout like no other! You are supported via a bungee rope, and its elastic nature means there is very little impact on the joints, and you will find it easier to do exercises and movements. My Bungee Fit classes are in groups of up to ten participants, and you will all learn these moves together, and become fitter and more toned together too.




Benefits of Bungee Fit 

Lower risk of injury

Because your weight is supported there is less impact on your joints, but a similar level of resistance, enabling you to build strength and stamina.

A great group of people

You will meet some amazing friends and have fun together learning a range of new exercises.

Anyone can do it

It doesn't matter if you don't feel fit or active, the Bungee cord will take the strain, while you have fun!

 Benefits of Bungee Fit 

What makes Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit great?

  • This is the first class for Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton.
  • Bungee Fit is a community, and we're friendly and inclusive.
  • It makes fitness fun.
  • Bungee Fit is a unique exercise experience.
  • It is literally for everyone: young, old, male, female, disabled, and able-bodied people.
  • The exercises are progressive and regressive, so you can perform more difficult versions of the same exercise if you find it too easy, and vice versa
  • Safety is paramount: we've invested in top-quality harnesses and bungees especially designed for this activity, and the class is run by a qualified pro
  • Group bookings available – private bookings welcome!

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Do you have any questions about Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton? Contact me to learn more, or for booking assistance.

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How Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit classes work

1. Book a class

Most of my classes take place on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings, but you can also call and book a private session any time at njbungeefitcustomerservices@gmail.com

2. Arrive on time

Please arrive on time, as the first section of the lesson includes a safety lecture, and you cannot join the class without listening to this.

3. Buckle up!

I'll show you how to safely strap yourself in, and check your harness to make sure it is properly secure.

4. Bungee time

You will have one full hour on the Bungee, doing a range of exercises designed to improve your coordination and strength.

5. Chat and unwind

There is no rush to leave the class at the end. As a social, community group we like to encourage people to socialise and make friends with other participants.

Current class times

  • Class length is 1 hr long. Be sure to show up on time or you will be unable to join.  What to expect  


  • 6pm - 8.30pm
  • Level 1 Bungee
  • Level 2 Bungee
  • Bungee HITT
  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training 
  • Private Bungee Fit
  • Bootcamp


  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training
  • Bungee HITT
  • Level 1 Bungee
  • Level 2 Bungee
  • Private Bungee Fit

Not every day is the same, with a mix of Beginners Bungee, Improver Bungee, Bungee HITT, Bootcamp and KONGA CLASSES!

Private sessions are available in the day, late evenings or weekends. 

Contact njbungeefitcustomerservices.com to arrange.

Sundays are available for groups of 7 upwards only.

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We are polling about when to host new classes for Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton. If you would prefer a class at a different time or day, fill in the form here.

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Find us

You can find my studio located at the end of Wood Street on the left (red brick building with blue windows and doors). There is parking along the street on the right hand side. The closest bus stop is located on Park Lane outside Park Village (No,2 bus).

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Contact us

Book yourself a lesson for Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton with Nikkie, by getting in touch or visiting the classes page to book.

  : 07932 361759


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