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Girl enjoying a supportive bungee workout.

Bungee Fit benefits

Lessons cost just £10! | Private lessons available

Bungee Fit has a wide range of benefits and it is a fun alternative to traditional workouts. It can be high intensity but is always low impact, so you can push yourself as hard as you want while putting less strain on your joints. The workout raises your metabolism and burns a large number of calories, helping you lose weight, become fitter and stronger, and improve your coordination. Book a class today for just £10, and enjoy Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton and its benefits to your health and wellbeing.

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Become fitter, stronger, and happier – for just £10

Improved core strength

By supporting most of your weight, Bungee Fit enables you to do exercises like press-ups and squats with ease. This enables people who are not usually as mobile to build upper body strength, leg strength, and core body strength, with reduced impact on joints and ligaments. This is also a great exercise if you are recovering from injury, because of its low impact and strength improvement.

Improve your endurance

One of the great Bungee Fit benefits is how it builds up your stamina and physical resilience. You will find everyday tasks become easier and more manageable, and you'll find yourself catching your breath more quickly after strenuous activity. As a cardio workout, which increases your heart rate and burns calories, the benefits of Bungee-Fit can be felt long after the exercise is completed.

Make new friends

The workouts are a fun way to exercise in the company of a great community of welcoming people. Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit is run for you, and unlike many gyms, you will never feel rushed at the end of a workout to make space for the next session, enabling you to have a chat and make friends and meet new people. We are also active on social media, and this is a great place to chat online and have fun in between lessons.

Have fun

The most important part of any exercise is that it's fun. There are so many amazing moves and positions you can achieve with the support of the bungee cord. Many people say the exercise feels like being in space or being on the moon! Better still, it's a great workout! And if you get tired, you can rest and carry on at your own pace. There's no pressure, no competitiveness, just pure fun.





Do you have any questions about Bungee Fit in Wolverhampton? Contact me to learn more, or for booking assistance.

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Other benefits

1. Increased oxygenation

2. Improved fitness level and stamina

3. Improved heart function

4. Decreased arterial plaque

5. Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

6. Decreased body fat percentage

7. Improved immune function

8. Improved lung capacity and respiratory function

9. Decreased stress levels and increased alertness




How Nikkie Jay's Bungee Fit classes work

1. Book a class

2. Arrive on time

3. Buckle up!

4. Bungee time

5. Chat and unwind

Current class times

  • Class length is 1 hr long. Be sure to show up on time or you will be unable to join.  What to expect  


  • 5.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Beginners Bungee
  • Improver Bungee
  • Bungee Bootcamp
  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training
  • Private Bungee Fit
  • Bungee Bootcamp


  • Morning/early afternoon
  • Personal Training
  • Bungee Bootcamp
  • Beginners Bungee
  • Improver Bungee
  • Private Bungee Fit

Not every day is the same, with a mix of Beginners Bungee, Improver Bungee, and BRAND NEW BOOTCAMP CLASSES!

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Find us

You can find my studio located at the end of Wood Street on the left (red brick building with blue windows and doors). There is parking along the street on the right hand side. The closest bus stop is located on Park Lane outside Park Village (No,2 bus).

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